How do I keep an eye on remaining space on attached music storage drive?

I have a Nucleus + with internal SSD and an external storage drive connected.

I can see how much space is left on the SSD in settings but cannot find external storage details.
Does anyone know how I can find how much space is left without pulling it out of the Nucleus and plugging it in a computer?

If you map the drive on PC, you can browse to the storage directory and you should be able to see the external drive and then right click and get properties for it.
This is what my flashdrive looks like on my Rock:



Thanks for the suggestion, Iā€™m on Mac though and I wonder if i can i can do the same?


Yes you can do it on anything even an iphone. Open finder goto connect to server type in smb://nucleusipaddress use guest as username and password.

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thanks for the info