How do I "like" an artist so I don't forget him/her?

If I find an artist, I don’t seem to have any way to “heart” the artist or any mechanism to keep a list of artists I like. I’m not sure what that “Heart” is for since it’s greyed out and I can’t click it.

In other words, I’d like the equivalent of a playlist but for artists.

It should work but you need a release by the artist in the library. (If you have that, you can also use tags for other artist criteria)

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That screen is showing a heart icon that is used to focus on previously favourite albums by that artist.
If no albums have been favourite then it is grayed out.

Favoriting an Artist
The artist has to be in your library before it can be favorited. For that to happen at a least one album associated with that artist needs to have been added your library.

Once that’s done, you will be able to like the artist in Roon, see this snipped from Roon’s Artist Browser screen…

I’d recommend creating a topic in Feature Suggestions for that.
Expand on its use case and see what traction it gathers.

Just ‘tag’ the artist with a tag of your choice, e.g. My Beloved Artists•
Then create a bookmark focussing on this tag, abdyou pretty much have created your ‘artist playlist’


Yeah, that’s the wrong way around for me — for example, if I’m listening to some bands in the car (on Sirius, say), I’d like to be able to “remember” those bands so that I can check them out later - I don’t necessarily want to put any of their albums in my library in case I decide I don’t like them.

This seems like it should be basic functionality - also from a UI perspective, if the “heart” can’t be clicked on it should either
a) not be there or
b) give you a dialog telling you why you can’t click on it or

It’s very frustrating to have an icon disabled with no way to understand why

Thanks though for the quick response.


Which also requires a release by the artist in the library, same as the heart

You are 100% right.
But what I do not understand is why people having difficulties adding something to their Library and evetually remove it later if so desired.
Roon’s database, where all ‘data’ is stored =
My Library.
Tagging and Focusn, maybe not perfect, are some of the most important strenghts of Roon.

You can add stuff to a playlist without having it in your library.


Nobody said it was difficult — I simply consider it awkward and inefficient - why go to an artist, then go to discography, then select some random album that I know nothing about and pollute my library only to have to go find it later to remove it!

I had hoped that bookmarks might work but after adding just a couple of artists it’s unclear that that mechanism can scale.


So many workarounds to address what should be a basic feature :thinking:

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That’s what the Feature Suggestion section of the Community is for. I’d imagine there’s already a suggestion in, if not then you can start a new thread.

I agree in many ways, but it does suck practically that e.g. you can’t heart a track in a Roon Radio queue or streaming playlist if you don’t yet have the album in the library.

For people used to how streaming apps work, it is natural that you can heart albums or artists right away. Some may build workflows upon that. E.g., when I was fighting the limitation of streaming apps with their binary favorite yes/no logic without finer graining, I used to heart albums that I liked as such and artist I was in principle interested in. (It didn’t work particularly well though).

In the end Roon differs in some ways, not everything is perfect but it is very good and much more flexible, and it’s a matter of working with it and not against it.

I’ve been dealing with iTunes and Apple Music for many years. I know all about workarounds :sunglasses:

It’s really disappointing – particularly as it seems to me that implementation ought to be pretty simple with a high reward factor - just a “bit” column in the database table where the artists are kept and a bit of GUI tweaking to see the list of favorite artists.

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