How do i make an album be listed under Main Album and not Appearances?

I have a pretty obscure band, Blacksmith Union in my library with 3 albums. Two of the albums are found on Allmusic and for these Blacksmith Union is listed as the main artist. The third album is not found on Allmusic so for whatever reason it is listed under Appearances. If I click on that album then click on the blue highlighted band name, I am taken to what looks like a different band page where only that third album is listed and not the other 2. If I do a search on Blacksmith Union then click on Top Result i am taken to a page with only that third album. If I click on Artist from the search result I am again taken to a page where the first two albums recognized on Allmusic is listed under Main Albums and the third is listed under Appearances. How do I get all three albums to be listed under Main? I tried setting the metadata preferences to file but that didnt help.

Thanks to @Rugby who gave me a great pointer in another thread I figured out how to solve this problem. I just had to choose to Use Basic Information when trying to identify the album. Thank you again @Rugby