How do I make an artists band shows up in the "with band" section?

Not all of my artists bands shows up in the “with band” section. Is there a solution for this problem? I have tried to add the artist as “primary artist” under credits to the album released by the band, but that doesn’t help.
I will show you two examples, the first one is correct, Tom Petty, I can see his soloalbums and then there’s a section “With Tom Petty and the Heartsbreakers” and then there’s also a section “Appearances”, just as it should be.

Tom Petty is just an example, Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits is also perfect and several others.
My other example is when it doesn’t work. It shows Slash, but here there are no “With Guns 'N Roses” section, the albums with the band just shows up under “Appearances”.

He’s not the only one, another example is Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac.
Help much appreciated :wink:

No one who can explain me this? :wink:

I have exactly the same question. When I go to the artist Shabaka Hutchings there is a “With Sons of Kemet” section but no “With Shabaka & The Ancestors” section. His work in the latter is all lumped under “Appearances”.

I can’t figure out how to edit the S&tA band or albums to get them to show up as a distinct section on Shabaka’s page.

@support any help on this? Erik’s OP is months old. Or did you find an answer, @Erik_Markussen?

You might put the missing data in a post to Metadata Support, who can then onsend it to the appropriate source.

Thanks, @John_V. I’ll give that a whirl. I assumed it would be a matter of editing the right field in the album or something.

One other thought. Pick a track that is missing your data. Then click Three Dots / View file info / File Tags. Perhaps you can see the tag that is missing the data you’re seeking. Good luck.