How do I merge artists information pages?

This is the main page for Taiwanese artist Yu-sheng Chang

There is another one under the name Chang Yu-sheng

Both pages point to the same artist with differnet spelling, how do I merge them (the albums listed for each are mutually exclusive)?

If both artists are in your library, go to the Artists’ view, and select both. At the top of the screen, you’ll see Merge artsts.

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To add, this doesn’t just work in Artists view but I think anywhere you can select two artists at once, e.g. in search results

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Thank you both!

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A followup here, just to make sure I understand this correctly. The merge will only affect the tracks/albums that have been added to my favorite, is that correct?

I see a downside to this approach, this is what I am seeing right now:

B is merged with primary artist A
C is also merged with primary artist A

Any album not added before the merge to favorites will be not be listed under discography under A. In short, any attempt to list discography for B or C no longer works as they’d be redirected to A, unless one explicitly search for B or C.

The merge asks which one is to survive. Also, it is undoable, so you can experiment.

Sorry, I don’t think I answered your question. Whichever is the surviving artist (chosen by you) will be the linked entity for all albums.

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