How do I Migrate Core from Mac to NAS and retain all my edits

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Old Core: Mac Mini with 2 External USB Drives
New Core: QNAP TS-473 with RAID 5

Trying to migrate from a multi USB drive Mac Mini Roon Core to QNAP NAS with single RAID 5 set.

My old Roon Core has multiple directory structure Separated into DSD, Hires, Rebook, each with its own tree structure separated by Genre.

I backed up the old Mac Roon Core with the Roon database backup option and restored the DB to the QNAP Core.

The old directory structure has not been retained since it is now residing in a single volume in the QNAP.

Will I still retain all the edits and tags info that has been edited over the years? I tried copying a few files over and they do NOT seem to remember my edits.

Also important is retaining my previous “loved” tracks and albums

On the subject of “moving house”, have a look here, it explains very well how you can keep you “environment” as familiar as possible.

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Hi, note that I did do a DB backup and restore.

The part I am not sure is the following:

I am copying files from the old core external drives to my centralized NAS drive, with completely directory structure, will the database recognize the attributes of these files?

I am copying the files bit by bit now for testing, it seems it recognizes some but may be not all of it. I can not be sure since my old Core isn;t running.

As it explains in the Kb article, it is best to perform file copying/migration while Roon Core is off line. That will save you a lot of aggravation, and make it easier for your new Core to correctly identify your media.
Normally it doesnt need to re-identify a file that was previously in the database, but they need to be untouched… (file dates, metadata etc)

I’m not sure why you dont retain the file structure? Roon doesn’t care. And you can definently point your new QNAP core towards several folders beneath one main share. (I have 8 or 9 folders defined in Roon on my QNAP, which also hosts my Core. These folders are all located beneath one share; Multimedia)

it is best to perform file copying/migration while Roon Core is off line.

Do you mean my OLD core? If so, my old core is offline since I cannot start it as a second instance anyway.

No, rather the new core. I assume you have restored your database already, while files are still being transferred? That will cause some issues, from experience.

This is the Storage tab on my QNAP Core, btw;

Thanks, I will try stopping the server while moving the files over.

your structure is similar to mine. Except I just specify a root folder called “MUSIC” in ROON, and let it locate my subfolders like “DSD” and “Hires” and “Redbook”

So i figured. And it works just as well, but i like the option to, say, be able to Focus on my DSD-folder in Album view.
And in your scenario you could migrate all of the DSD files, configure their share innRoon and then move on to migrate your Redbook files, while not having a defined share for these during copying.

Have a look in the other thread for a response to your question about more than one core! :slight_smile:

Hope this was reasonably helpful!

Hi @agentsmith,

For instructions on moving your library to a new location, please read this article

Thanks Dylan

This is basically what I did and I think it is retaining my old edits, but I am not sure if worked 100% as I have such a large library and the directory structure is changed from the old Core.

Am I right to assume that Roon does not care where the music data is placed and will recognize individual albums and tracks even if the folder structure is different? Or even different folder names?

How does Roon recognize albums and tracks?

Hi @agentsmith,

Roon matches the files based on the file’s contents and not the location of the file. Moving them will allow them to still be matched to the previous existing files in the database as long as the files are not internally changed.

It looks like you’re good to go here based on your latest response, but if you have any other issues do let us know!

– Noris

Hi Noris,

Yes I am fine migrating my data by stages. Thanks for all the help


Hi @agentsmith,

Glad to be of help! Please keep in mind that it is best to let Roon see the content once the files have settled so that they can be matched to the previous database entries properly.

If Roon were to see two copies of the same file, the second copy would essentially be a “new” file and would not have the previous edits associated with it.

With this in mind, it would be best to disable previous storage locations and exit out of Roon (according to our KB instructions) when moving said files:

In Roon’s Settings > Storage , disable all old storage folders that contain the files that are being relocated.
For performance reasons, if you are adding a large amount of music (1000’s of tracks), quit Roon (or stop RoonServer on Nucleus). The best experience will come from letting Roon look at the folders when the files have settled.

– Noris

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