How do I minimize boot time of RoPieee?

How do I minimize boot time of RoPieee?

I’m not sure why you want to do that…

First of all: RoPieee is not a regular Linux distro where you can tweak and tune around. If that’s what you’re looking for than I suggest you pick one of the distro’s that run on a Pi.

And furthermore… how often do you boot your PI? :wink:


Boot time is faster on a Pi 4.

Leave it switched on all the time…

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I only reboot mine when there is an update that requires a reboot. Of course, I boot my battery powered one everytime I use it, but that’s not often.

I second this question. I have my Raspi & DAC plugged on the same trigger controlled power plugs. I don’t need the Raspi to be on when my DAC is off. My Usbridge signature/Ropieee calls ~ 5W when idle, too much for 0 use. So, any trick to accelerate Ropieee boot time is welcome ! An equivalent question would be : how to lower Ropieee idle power drain ? (advanced standby mode ?)

I can’t imagine a Pi would cost more than a few cents a day at idle. (I’m not an electrical engineer tho. I don’t even play one on TV.)

Re (!) boot of ropieee on a pi 3 with Upnp, Airplay, Squeeze and Naa enabled took 47.78 s.
You might want to install Raspberrypi Os on a ssd. This boots in 25.83 s (to the desktop, so probably faster just as minimal server).

For information : I added


in /boot/config.txt to overclock the SSD card => 50 sec boot time to 30 sec !! This is acceptable now.

Beware : you must have a UHS Class 1 SD Card.

This is for an USBridge Signature. Your milage may vary (including failures) with another hardware.