How do I move from Mac Mini to NUC8?

Due to issues using ROON with my Mac Mini, I have purchased a NUC 8 with a 2Tb SSD to use as a platform/server for music (only). UNIX on the NUC, keeping the Mac for other needs and to interface with the NUC server.

Do I need to uninstall ROON software from the Mac and install it on the NUC? To prevent the same issues from recurring, should I load a fresh version of ROON onto the NUC? And how do I obtain authorization to do this?

Thank you

  1. Backup the Roon library that’s being used by your Mini.
  2. Install fresh Roon on the NUC.
  3. It will ask if this is to be a Core or (I think) Remote. Answer core, obviously.
  4. Restore to the NUC the Roon library you backed up.
  5. If necessary move your music files, change location in Settings->Storage, and re-scan. Of course, if music files are on a NAS, then you don’t need to move anything. Just make sure you point to them in the new Settings->Storage. You probably should re-scan.
  6. Delete old Roon from Mini or you can change it to be used as a Remote.

I’ve moved from Mini to a NUC and if I’ve remembered everything :slightly_smiling_face:, then there should be no problem.

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5.5: Backup.

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Thanks. Frequent and multiple backups here, both of ROON database as well as media files when appropriate so should be good there.

Probably doesn’t change any of the above but FWIW the NAS will be remain (as storage) while media files will be located on the SSD in the NUC8 for playback.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread so if anything else pops to mind, please advise and thank you once again.