How do I navigate from TIDAL Playlist to Roon album?

Hi, I’m listening to a TIDAL playlist. A song comes up, and I press on the link to go to the album view. The three dots has an option to “Add to Library” – but I’ve already saved that TIDAL album to my library.

Why does Roon give me the option to add the album to my library when it’s already a part of my library? And is there any way to get it to stop, and go straight to the library album version? (e.g. because I would like to favorite the song in my library)

If you click on the three dots next to the track there is a Go To album choice. I think there are subtle differences between a Tidal playlist and a roon local copy of a Tidal playlist when it comes to being able to favourite etc.

This may make it clear

Yes this is what I’m asking about. When I click those three dots it seems to go to the album on TIDAL – which is where I can’t favorite tracks. It has a button to “add to library” even though I’ve already saved the album to my library.

So I’m wondering, if I’m listening to a TIDAL playlist and there’s a song / album on it that’s already in my library, is there a quick way to navigate to the album in my library? Right now I click “go to album”, see what the album name is, and then search for the album in Roon.

btw I can “add to library” and it takes me there (which is good) but it only works on the Mac app, not iOS

Not my experience, I’ve just tried and it goes to roon album…

Playlists you create in Roon may point to library content or non-library content, but playlists created in TIDAL will always point to the non-library version of the album, since they were not created inside your library.

In Roon, we still need to provide access to the non-library TIDAL album because you might have edits the album or added cover art, or you may have only added some of the songs, or you might want to see the original track list, or track titles, or cover art, etc. This may seem kind of arbitrary, but these distinctions matter for lots of different reasons across the app, and it’s important we’re not making guesses or acting inconsistently.

So, showing me “add to library” for an album that’s already in my library is intentional?

Hello @PatMaddox,

Yes, showing you “add to library” is intentional if you browse to the specific album from a TIDAL playlist because browsing to the album in this way will always direct you to the “complete” non-library TIDAL version of your album.

TIDAL playlists cannot contain library tracks, so they will always link back to the TIDAL copy, even if this copy has been added to your library already, it is considered a different version. Hope this helps.


Okay! Thank you :slight_smile:

So, when we make a playlist in Tidal - For instance, if I hit the “Create Playlist” button on the new My Mix so that I can listen in Roon, I essentially get a bunch of non-library tracks even if the tracks are in my library? So there’s no real benefit to listening via Roon in this case.

Hello @m_p,

TIDAL playlists point to TIDAL content, but if the album is in your library, the library version should be available under the versions tab. Are you seeing otherwise here? If so can you please post a screenshot?


I never see the album in my library from a Tidal playlist. Albums always have the add to library option. And the playback count isn’t updated

Here’s an album that’s in my library

Here’s what I see when clicking on the album from the Tidal playlist:

The versions tab only appears if there are multiple versions on TIDAL (explicit / edited, CD / MQA, etc). If there’s only one version on TIDAL then the versions tab is hidden, and the only way to navigate to the album is to search for it in your library (re-adding it works sometimes).

Yup, you’re right – I’m wondering if we can do better here.

@m_p – thanks for the feedback here. Once everyone is back after this holiday, I’m going to take a look at this. While TIDAL playlists can’t link directly to content in your library, the navigation here should be easier.

Strange, it is for me. Also I have always been able to go to my library album by tapping the Add to Library button (it doesn’t add the album twice). I’m sure I read a post by a roonie once that said that that was supposed to work.

It is a bit confusing because the dancing lines appear against the Tidal album track. But Roon does count it against the library play count.


@mike Thanks! Also, I’d love for the play count to be updated also.

I’d just make the playlist in Roon, but I’m listening to the new My Mixes in Tidal and using the “Create Playlist” button to quickly create a playlist to access in Roon.