How do I perform a complete and total backup of the "Roon Database"?

I have an Intel NUC that is happily chugging along running ROCK. I have a 1 TB SSD installed into the NUC. The NUC is on my network. The ROON database “lives” on that 1 TB SSD. So what is the BEST way to do a complete and total backup of my ROON database? I can easily enter ROCK’s user interface using my google chrome browser. I can also easily get to \\ROCK\Data from my PC using windows explorer.

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Assuming you don’t mean any music files, then Settings==>Backups to a networked or USB connected drive.

The best way and the only way to guarantee a successful Restore, should that be necessary, is to use Roon’s Backup/Restore functions.

I suggest backing up to an attached USB drive. Note, a Roon backup will not include your music files. Backing up your music files is a different issue.

OOOhhhhhh! I see. You do the backup of the ROON database from within the ROON app.
I was poking around inside ROCK’s web browser user interface. Wow. Kudos to the ROON developers
for making that super nice and easy to do.

This is the administration interface for the Roon Operating System (Roon OS) used in ROCK and the Nucleus products.

It’s not the administration interface for the Roon application - that’s done within Roon itself via the Settings pages…

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