How do I play ONLY my “Favorite Tracks” from TIDAL through Roon?


How do I play ONLY my “Favorite Tracks” from TIDAL through Roon?

I’ve looked through the settings and can’t figure out how to do it. When I choose a track from TIDAL it plays the selected track and then some other song I’ve never heard of.

Also, how do I sort my tracks from TIDAL?

There doesn’t seem to be any options for sorting.


From either the Albums or Tracks screen, click Focus>Format>TIDAL. You can then play or shuffle from there.

Check to see if you have “Roon Radio” off or on (in the Queue) if you want more (or less) control over what plays after your selection.


Thanks. Is there a way to change the sound quality on ROON?

I’m not sure what you mean by “sound quality.”

But If you rely on streaming (TIDAL), you can make sure the “streaming quality” is set to the maximum your TIDAL subscription (Premium vs. HiFi), equipment, and internet speed will allow by going to Roon Settings>Services>TIDAL>Edit, then select the desired streaming quality from the dropdown menu.

Thanks again. I appreciate your help! Do I have to use a streaming service with Roon? (I’m not interested in using my personal library of CD’s) -OR- Can I use Roon ALONE and gather all my favorite songs I currently have saved on TIDAL from Roon, end my subscription with TIDAL and just use Roon alone?

If you haven’t paid for them you lose them. Roon doesn’t give you a free lunch.

I’m just trying to understand how Roon works. I haven’t subscribed yet.

You would also be losing out on a lot of the benefits of Roon. If you didn’t have access to streaming or a big library you wouldn’t be discovering suggested new music.

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Ok. I think that clears it up for me. Thank you, sir!