How do I prevent this from happening on a new Unidentified album?

I completely see what Roon is trying to do here, but I don’t know how to get this fixed until (and unless) this album ever gets identifiable with TiVo metadata. It should obviously not be trying to get so intelligent with what it’s doing with tracks 3 & 4:

Any ideas, other than munging with my original metadata in ways I probably don’t want to do?

Fantastic new album, BTW.

I did find this…the only downside is that there ARE some things that should be grouped on this album. But this is better than the alternative, for now.

Even better, I was able to completely remedy all the above through appropriate use of “Work” and “Part” tags, which I’ve never had a need to use before (pretty much all of my classical music has been identified by Roon.)


Not an expert on this, but if it is unidentified I don’t think Roon can know this …

… unless you tell it in file tags. Did you take a look at Tagging Multi-Part Works here

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I guess I was too late :slight_smile:

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Hahah, no, just simultaneous. Thanks!!!

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Roon will parse track titles to create work part groupings.

Thanks, good to know, but then of course it has to rely on the titles which I suppose has some potential to go wrong, depending on the titles, their accuracy and so on

Right - that was part of the problem I was trying to overcome. Done :smile:

Actually, I don’t find it a problem. Long before Roon (like years) added Work/Part/Section, it was the only way to make sure Unidentified albums (think Operas), presented themselves in the Correct Acts and Scenes. Understanding what the parser looks for, it was easy for me to bulk rename track titles to suit.

Even now, I keep many Operas unidentified for this reason as I’m not going to be bothered to add Work/Part/Section to things already working.

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