How do I "re-index" after combining folders, or making a metadata change

Pretty much says it all. Let’s say I find a 2-CD set that is currently in 2 folders (1 for each CD). Let’s say I also spot a few miscellaneous metadata errors. And, let’s assume that this situation is causing Roon’s ID to be incorrect.

So, I go into Win Explorer, combine the 2 folders, then go into MP3 Tag and change some meta.

How can I immediately “re-index” to see how these changes affect Roon’s ID of the CDs in question? Other than removing the folder from the watched list, then re-adding it (obviously a sub-optimal solution), I’m not seeing a way to force instant updating.

In Sonos (sorry:wink: ), I would simply click “re-index” and a minute or two later I’d be looking at the collection w/the new changes.

Hi @trtlrock, in the album browser just right click the albums you want to re-identify to select them, then press Edit from the selection menu, and Re-Identify Albums. This should do it!

Doing this on an album-by-album basis is (unfortunately) tedious – there’s no global approach except to remove & reinstate the folder?

Enter Setings

To the Right of the Watched Folder you’re pointing at, you will see a Gear Icon

Click on this, and Disable…[don’t worry, Roon won’t “forget” the info already in its database on your local drive from the 1st Import]

You will the Albums from this Watched Folder disappear from your Library

Then Click again on the Gear Icon and click the Enable option

Roon will rescan the folder…but this time will do FAR quicker than the 1st Import

You can also do this

In the Album Browser, hit Ctrl-A [Cmd-A on Mac]…and you will see all of your Albums are now selected {same as right click on a single album]

Now go to drop-down menu at top right…and choose Re-Identify Albums

This will then go thru the Process of reidentifying the Albums

Ronnie has the right idea here, Ctrl/Cmd-A is what you’re looking for.

and on a tablet?

On your tablet select one item > Press on the Arrow button in the left corner of the ‘Selection bar’ > Pick ‘Select All’