How do I rearrange the order of my playlists? Not the tracks in a playlist

I just got my new nucleus that is connected to my dCS network bridge. 3 questions

  1. How do I reorder playlists? Not the tracks in a playlist but I would like to have the newest playlists at the top and not have to scroll through them alphabetically to get to my newest playlists
  2. how can I easily browse only the tracks on the Nucleus and not Tidal? Is there a way to do this other than using bookmarks?
  3. Do all profiles have to have the same bookmarks in playlists artists etc?
    Thanks a lot

Playlists, I don’t believe you can reorder them as you want?

Tracks, you should be able to select the track view, focus, then select Tidal, when you have the green Tidal focus button click it so it goes red, that will give you all tracks except Tidal.

Profiles, no idea, don’t use multiple profiles.

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Playlists have only three selectable Sort orders:

  • Sorted by name
  • Sorted by track count
  • Sorted by length

If you would like to have “Sort by newest” added, you can always raise this as a Feature Request in the Feature Request category of the forum.

Feature Requests are always read by Roon Labs, but be aware that they very rarely comment on individual Feature Requests.