How do I redirect music thru DAC to my amplifier rather than MacBook Pro [Also what streaming endpoint should I use ?]

Roon CORE Host: Macbook Pro
Network: Apple wireless
NAS: Synology DS216+II/ethernet to router.
Sonica DAC/XLR/Amp
Roon lists Sonica DAC as output.
All physical and wireless connections intact.

All music files visible on NAS.
Using Roon Remote for music file selection to play.
SONICA DAC: No Music to Play


  1. Why is music file from NAS not sent to DAC as audio output
  2. Why does music instead play on MacBook Pro?

Appreciate any help- Note: I am a plug and play type of music user, not techie.

Thanks, dm

Have you selected the sonic dad as the output zone in the lower right hand side of the Roon window? See this for more info.


Thank you for your suggestion.

Yes, the Sonica DAC is displayed and selected on both the Host and Remote but still get message, “No Music” on the Sonica display and music is played on the Macbook Pro Host.

Any other thoughts?

Thank you again, appreciate your help.


I’m out of ideas. @support any thoughts?

Thanks again!


@support …any thoughts?


When playing can you take a screen shot of the signal path from Roon and post it on here.


Thanks for the reply.

Where can I find the signal path screen from the Roon?



Roon Knowledge Base section Signal Path.

Sorry, need to step away for about an hour.

Appreciate your support.


Exclusive Mode? That appears to be unchecked, since the OS Mixer is included in the signal path.


Looks More like the osmixer is the end of the chain and is the output device.

Seems like even though this device is callled sonicaDAC it is sending output to the osmixer. Go to settings audio and disable this device. Then see if you can find your sonica as another networked device in the list of devices. If so select the and set it up and give it a name.

If you can’t see it it is probably not connected to the network or your firewall is causing trouble. If you are sue it is on the network try turning the firewall off temporarily and see if that helps.

Do have a good read of the knowledge base. Start with this.

Solved. Disabled DAC, changed network connection from Wireless to Ethernet, re-selected DAC, and it works!

My sincere appreciation to the Roon Community, phllr, Carl, AJ for excellent support.



I was about to say wireless could be the issue…

@support:New Problem- The SonicaDAC is DSD capable but Signal Path is downgraded by Airplay which appears to be a default network device. How do I disable Airplay and replace with RAAT protocol, if that is possible. For network set up see earlier posting. MacbookPro has Roon Core but connected to network via wireless. Would an ethernet connection instead disable Airplay?

Update: Ethernet connection to network router did not change Signal Path, Airplay still the output.

I think you will have to connect via USB to play DSD or indeed hires files without conversion. AirPlay does not support them and as far as I am aware the sonica DAC does not support RAAT.

The Oppo SonicaDAC appears to be Roon Tested but not Roon Ready meaning Roon will recognise it if directly connected but it doesn’t support RAAT streaming.

You could add a Roon Ready or Roon Bridge network device to your network and connect it to your DAC. Choices include Sonore microRendu or SonicOrbiter SE, Auralic Aries/mini, Raspberry Pi, Allo Sparky etc. An Android device running the Roon Remote app can also be an inexpensive Roon endpoint.

I run my sonica up to DSD512 using a raspberry PI running ropieee on LAN and USB to the oppo works very well it’s. us$40 solution as I power the PI using a USB to mini cable into the rpi in a cheap case.