How do I remove duplicate tracks from Roon playlists?

Have a lot of playlists Im sorting out, some sharing tracks.
Is there a way to quickly remove duplicates in a playlist?

To be clearer;
Ive merged two playlists (selected all tracks of both and added to a new one) and now have duplicate tracks which I wish to remove from the new playlist.

Can do it manually of course, but will take a lot of time, wondering if Roon has a quick way to do it?


Guess theres not a quick way to remove duplicates from Playlists then?
Ah well, I’ll do it manually.

Sorry no one’s been able to help.
I can’t think of an easy way to do this without wildcard search selection and we don’t have that at the moment.

No problem at all Andy, thanks.

Wont take too long to do, was hoping for a lazier way to do it!

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