How Do I Reorganize Genres & Make Them Top Level?

I’m generally not a fan of the way any software handles genres and Roon is no exception, nothing against the software I’m just very particular with how my genres work. So I’ve figured out how to get Roon to use my own genres which works well, except for the genre mapping. Essentially I won’t want genre mapping, is there a way to disable it altogether?

Do Settings/Audio/Import Settings/Genre options work for you? One turns off Roon genres.

I can set Roon to use my genres and ignore theirs and already have that enabled, but Roon still wants to map my genres to an equivalent in their database and that’s what I’m looking to disable.

A quick experiment: go into Edit Genre page, choose one that has defaulted to a Roon genre, and change it to default to …itself, i.e., HipHop maps to HipHop.

Seems like Roon exits the scene. Repeat until suppertime.

So here’s the exact problem, maybe there’s another way to resolve. I have several like this, but let’s take my Christmas genre, it maps to a Christmas genre in roon but that’s actually a subgenre of Holiday. So instead of listing Christmas on my genres tab it lists Holiday, which I then have to drill through to get to the Christmas genre because Christmas is a sub of Holiday.

Hi Danny,

You can edit Christmas and make it a Top-Level Genre.

In the Genres Browser, Select Christmas by clicking on Holiday and selecting the Sub Genre Christmas (you can also search Christmas). Then click the 3 dots icon and select Edit. From there, click the Edit box, which will change the Parent Genre from Holiday to Top-Level Genre. See an example with Amibient (which is a Sub Genre of Electronic).

Click Save and Christmas will no longer show under Holiday.

Cheers, Greg

Awesome, actually helped me fix another issue too, thanks for your help Greg.

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