How do I restore all library settings to Roon default?

I wasn’t liking how Roon was displaying and organizing my local library so I changed a bunch of settings from Prefer Roon to Prefer File. I don’t remember which ones I changed. Can I restore all these settings to default? How do I do that?

I’ve decided to use Roon for now primarily as a superpower Qobuz player, and to rethink my local library approach or just continue using JRiver for my local library since it conforms to what I’m used to.

If you took a backup before tweaking the settings, restore this to return to the previous state.

However, if your library is entirely Qobuz releases, and you haven’t added tags, bookmarks etc., or are not concerned about these, you could reset your database, and reimport your library.

If @Ferrara_Pan doesn’t have an older backup with the defaults, wouldn’t it work to simply make a backup now, reinstall Roon from scratch, note the defaults, and then restore the new backup?

In any case, aren’t the defaults simply to Prefer Roon for everything? I know that I changed the album title, track titles, and the lyrics to Prefer File, and all others in my settings are Prefer Roon, so I conclude that this must have been the default (I’m actually sure that I didn’t change others). It also seems logical to me that Roon would default to Prefer Roon.

Alternatively, are the defaults important, @Ferrara_Pan? Why not choose the settings that give you the results you like and leave it at that?

Yes, they probably are although artwork may be prefer best. I can’t remember.

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