How do I rip the same CD again using Roon's internal CD ripper?

I use Roon’s CD ripper to rip my CDs direct to the internal storage. However I have mistakenly deleted a few of the albums and want to rip them again. But the Roon ripper won’t let me as it says “Warning this 27 track CD was already ripped at (time/date)”. The ripper will not rip it again. How do I override this so that it allows me to rip the CD again?

Hi @Duckworp,

Can you try deleting the entire album and then reboot the Core machine? Does it work for you after that?

I have deleted the entire album using roon and I have rebooted the Core machine but it unfortunately still recognises a previously ripped CD and spits it straight out.

You could try a library clean up.

@Carl - how do I do a ‘library clean up’?

Roon --> Settings --> Library --> Clean Up Library --> …


you have to wait 24 hours before trying again

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