How do I run Core and server on the same machine?

searched but haven’t been able to find an answer. I’m using Win 8.1. I started with Core and then renamed the Roon folder to Roonserver. Now I want to use Core to edit files - easier than on the IPad.


Hey @Tony_D_Angelo,

If you’ve already migrated over to RoonServer, you should be able to just install Roon off our site and jump in. You’ll just need to choose to run as a remote when you first run.

Let me know if you have any trouble!

Daniel ( @Rugby ) has been running a Core and Remote on the same machine for a while. He may have suggestions to avoid difficulties.

Hi, @andybob . It sounds like @Tony_D_Angelo is single purposing the machine for RoonServer and just using a Roon remote installation as a easier way to edit meta-data. There should be no issue as long as Tony doesn’t activate zones on both the Roon Remote private AND the connected Core; especially the same audio zone. In that case, the two Roons will fight for control, especially if you’ve activate “Exclusive Mode” and cause crashes. So, in Tony’s case, I’d treat the Roon Remote install as a remote have only the connected Core Audio Zones be active.

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Thanks for the responses. That worked great!