How do I search for an album in Tidal/Qobuz via Roon?

In both Tidal and Qobuz there is an album called: ASOT 1120

If I use the search button in the top right of Roon and enter this, I only get tracks listed, and none of them are from the album.

Instead if I search for ASOT1120 with the space missing, I then get some tracks from that album at least, and can then use those to click on the link to the album.

Why do I need to be able to find a track on the album to find the album? Am I doing something wrong?

You aren’t doing anything wrong. Search is a one man band in roon and has quirks that baffle us all.


As I was only released on Friday it might have missed the last Qobuz database dump as it’s not in Roon at all. One for @joel searching for previous albums such as ASOT 1000 gets instant results so search isn’t the issue it’s just not in Roons database.

It is in Roon database i can find it by locating a track I know is in the album. Search just brings back zero albums.

It may be albums with numbers in like this (its a weekly radio show). I’m seeing similar with others of the same style with numbers in.

It’s not in the database for the album or it would find it as it finds the others. You could try favouriting in Qobuz and sees if it syncs to Roon on the next sync. If not then it’s not in the database properly. Often the database gets behind with new releases. Or somethings blocking it metadata wise.

Lots here 243 to be exact.

I know some are there if you just search as you did, but this is weekly there should be many more.

Here it is in Roon - it knows it exists in both Tidal and Qobuz. It is just very hard to find it!..

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@zenit @joel any ideas as to why search is failing here

There seems to be an issue with this particular album in search. The issue is on the service side, so it should be fixed soon without an update. Thanks for bringing this to our attention @CrystalGipsy


@zenit will the service side fix correct just this album, or all albums suffering from the same issue? There are many more with the same issue. Two more examples:

Album name: Group Therapy 528
Album name: ASOT 1118 - A State of Trance Episode 1118

If all past albums are not going to be corrected, will future albums of the same type be ok?

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Hard to say for sure without examining other examples, but the root cause seems to be the same. If you have more examples like this one please do post them.

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This should work now without workarounds

Looks good to me @zenit thanks! :slight_smile:

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