How do i see music on my NAS (that's not on Tidal or Qobuz)?

Roon Core Machine

running on Linux container on my Synology NAS

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Unifi networking switches, UDM Pro

Connected Audio Devices

PC and Cambridge Audio Edge

Number of Tracks in Library

10000s too many to count

Description of Issue

I have music in my collection that i have ripped from my own media.
This music is stored on my NAS.
I can access this music on the network from my PC and from my Cambridge Audio gear.
When searching or browsing in your app however, i cannot see it.
When i have an album that is the same as either a Tidal or Qobuz album then when i open that album and go to “Versions” i see my versions from my NAS showing up
When the music does not exist on either of these services, the music does not show up in Roon no matter if i browse, or if i search.

In this case, i have The Butterfly Effect.
Qobuz has only 1 single from this band, and it shows up in Roon.
I have 4 albums from them on my NAS and they do not show up when browsing The Butterfly Effect artist in Roon.

How do i set this up properly as it is very frustrating that I cannot play my own music in Roon without it first showing up in a streaming service.

Add images

the 1st image is a screengrab from Roon for that artist.
the 2nd screengrab is from my local Plex server for the same artist

notice the 3 albums and the various singles that show up in my Plex.

how do i get these to show up properly in Roon?

You need to reference where your local music files are stored here. They will then show up in your Roon Library.

Already done, which is why im seeing my albums when i view “versions” of albums that show up in the Services i have setup.

This onpy happens for stuff that doesnt show up on any streaming srrvice.

Don’t your albums and tracks show up in your Roon library? You can use Focus to exclude Tidal and Qobuz and be left with only your local music.

While viewing your Roon Library, click Focus, then click Tidal twice (to turn it negative) and Qobuz twice.

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Thisbis exactly what i mean. No they don’t show up under Local UNLESS that same album is also on a streaming service.

Here is Dire Straits for eg.on Qobus AND locally on the NAS

And see, i can see the local files that i have that ALSO exist on Qobuz

Now compare this to The Butterfly Effect where it shows ONLY Qobuz and NOT the 3+ albums i have locally.

I bet if Qobus had an album then both would show up.

Am I not explaining this properly?

Post a screen shot of your Roon library without using any Focus. Also, click on “show hidden tracks and albums” in the Roon setup under General.

My entire Roon library, or just for this one artist?

The setting is off. So it should show everything

Here is the main page for that artist
The one album that does show up is not their album, bit that’s a Qobuz problem as it shows in their native app too. Ive raiseed a separate issie with them for this.

Compare that to my Plex server, which points to the same location.

You are in search for the missing albums, so no interest in that specific artist who, as it currently looks like, isn’t even in your library atm. Please go and search for the album/tracks instead to confirm if or if not they are imported. You can use the information from the FAQ below as a guideline:

No, I am trying to search for an artist and find an album. That artist and album exist on my storage device. They just do not show up in Roon if i search by artist, by album or by individual track, they do not show up.

There is a FAQ I linked. It contains so many points you should have checked and could have confirmed that you checked and you found that all is as it should be. So without knowing what the status is, if you’ve done the checks and what the results were, potential helpers can just stab in the dark in the hope to hit something.

Reboot your NAS to see if the album(s) show up afterwards. It is known that inotify limits on Synology NAS are set low (8192 files and folders only). You can find ways to set higher limits by using the forum search.

The only supported way to run Roon Server on a NAS is via the package from the package center or the project homepage. Installations in containers and VMs are not supported. You may have to ask elsewhere (other part of this forum) to get help with your installation (you may have setup something the wrong way and that’s why new files don’t show).

Good luck with troubleshooting your installation, I hope you can figure out what bugs you.

this is the package i am using.

i have seen the FAQ, and followed the points in the FAQ. Perhaps some people post on forums asking for help without first doing due diligence, that’s not me. I wouldn’t be asking for support, on the official support forum had i resolved these issues already myself.

if you’re not sure what’s wrong i would appreciate you leaving this for someone from Roon to comment on. Much appreciated.

@BlackJack is only trying to help, and he, like Roon Support, had no way of knowing that you had done your due diligence. You would perhaps be surprised how often people ask for help while providing next to no information to help in diagnosis.

Let’s try and define the issue a little further.

You say in your opening post to the question of how many tracks are in your library: “10000s too many to count”. Your Roon homepage will tell you the answer.

Using the example of the group The Butterfly Effect not displaying your albums on the Artist page, are you able to use the Album browser to find the four albums in your Roon library? If so, then it is likely that the metadata in your ripped albums is not enabling Roon to make the connection to the Artist correctly.

I think the first step is to establish that the Album browser is displaying all your albums correctly. Then we can try and find out why they are not being listed in the discographies in your Artist browser.

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27,645 files. but surely this includes those on Qobuz and on Tidal, not just local files.

no. this is the point of this post. i cannot find the album. cannot find it by album, by artist, by year, by song title. nothing. it’s as if the files do not exist (but they do).

I am trying another forced scan now, and seeing some additional files being added. So perhaps it picks them up this time.

and presto, just like that, they now show up as “added” to my library. and they now show up in search.

who knows. glitch in the matrix.

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