How Do I Set a Default for My Primary Music Files in Roon 1.8?

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HP Workstation as dedicated music server, Windows 10 Pro, and RAID for one form of back up on this machine.

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How do I set Roon Core to default to my primary music drive when adding new music files to my Roon library? Sometimes Roon sets as Primary the correct file (in the correct folder) and sometimes not; it seems completely random and I want the Primary files to all be designated consistently in my Roon Core.
I’ve looked at Settings and can’t find one addressing this matter.

What does your Settings>Storage show? I’m asking because if your storage folder includes both your primary music file folders and the backup folders, you’ll have duplicates with the effect you describe. If instead you set your storage folder to be just the primary folders, you won’t have duplicate confusion.

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Dear Fernando,

Thanks for replying. I have my music folder and back-up shown in Settings>Storage. Your explanation above is unclear to me. What do you mean by primary folders? (Is there more than one?) Also, please describe the process that I should use to correct this. Thank you!
Roon displays the “jellyfish” image for a long time, much longer than before 1.8 (I’m on Build 831).

Can you share a screenshot of your Roon>Storage page?

I don’t have access to it at this time, but can describe it easily enough:
There’s a folder icon labeled “Music Folder” and lower on the page there’s a file path to another folder.

When you referred to folders in the plural, did you mean that? or just mean one folder, i.e., the one I’m describing above (Music Folder)? And if so, how would I go about getting rid of that second folder (denoted by the file path) on that Settings>Storage page? And, what is the impact of doing that?


You can disable a folder from Roon storage by selecting the “…” icon to its right and select “Disable.” You can always reenable it if that’s not what you wanted.

How did you end up with two storage folders, anyway? It’s a fine thing to do if the two folders contain totally separate music, but a cause of much confusion if there are duplicated tracks/albums between the two folders.

That’s a good question, Fernando. I did nothing to introduce redundant folders within Roon and can only suppose that Roon established the second folder (re: D drive) as a result of my using a RAID system of back-up on the server. Other than that RAID system, I have no clue as to what Roon did… But, I will take your suggestion and disable the second folder and see if that also streamlines the launching and operation of Roon. I don’t have drop-outs or anything like that; but I’ve noted sluggishness since updating to 1.8 (even through the latest build, 831(?) - I think it is…)

Thank you and kind regards,