How do I set up a Samsung S7 Edge with Android 7.0 to play Roon? [Answered]

I’ve a Samsung S7 Edge with Android 7.0. I used to be able to use it as a zone to play music from the Roon server (latest build, running on a Win10 x64 Pro). I cannot play music now. I may have inadvertently changed something, but the Roon app is still on the S7 Edge and can see the server (eg, it can see albums stored there, and it can start music “playing” to the phone as “default.” But I hear nothing

How do I set up the S7 Edge to play, as a Roon endpoint (I presume)? Maybe a fresh setup will cure my problem.

Are you seeing the Samsung device in Settings > Audio?

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Yes. And I somehow got things to work (“somehow” because I kept fiddling around and didn’t check after each change).

One thing that is confusing is the “private” setting: If set to Yes, the device doesn’t show up in another device’s Roon control app in the app’s Zone icon in the lower right corner. That led me to think that the S7 Edge wasn’t visible to the Roon server. But in fact “private” affects visibility in another app’s Zone icon only: The S7 Edge was visible to the Roon server, as evidenced by the fact that in the S7 Edge app I could see, for example, my library of music. And, as you point out, I could see (even in another Roon app) the S7 Edge under Audio on another device (but, I presume, I couldn’t control the S7 Edge from another device).

Now that I consider things, the visibility control makes sense, but it fooled me.

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The “private” setting just means your phone doesn’t show up as a zone on other remotes.

The way I read the KB article, and what seems to be true when I test from a remote app other than the S7 Edge, is that a private zone cannot be controlled from another app.

Correct – it’s private to that one device and cannot be controlled remotely by other devices on your network.

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