How do I set up my NAS in Roon?

Roon Core Machine. i7 NUC

Apple iMac 27" late 2015 Mac OS Monterey Ver 12.5.1

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Having a problem getting Roon to accept my NAS drive. Constantly get the message: “Could not connect to share: Host not found”.

In the “Choose music storage folder” then “Add network share” menu do I put in the Synology 220+ IP address and my local music folder address or do I put in the “smb://Synology._smb._tcp.local/with my local music folder”? Or is there something else I should be doing as I continue to get the Could Not Connect error flag.

Any help would be much appreciated. I did have it working years ago but have swapped out a lot of my computer hardware and am currently using an iMac.


Please read the FAQ and see if this helps:

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Hey @anon82288327,

I wanted to check in on this thread to see if @BlackJack’s post and help article aided in getting you properly set up on your NAS?

I’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply :+1:

Still having a problem connecting to my NAS. Interesting, however, the NAS connects to my Volumio server with no problems but when I try to enter the exact same connection information to Roon it will not connect.

Hey @anon82288327,

Thanks for letting me know. As a next step, please try to connect again, and write down the time and date of the connection failure.

From there, we’ll need you to upload a set of logs for our team to review. Please use the directions found here (under NAS core) and send over a set of logs to our File Uploader.

Thanks, Jeff!

Thanks for helping me trouble shoot this problem as I really wanted to use my NAS to store my local Flac files but I think I am going to use a different route. I have an old 3Tb disc that is not being used and I just ordered an external storage enclosure from Other World Computing and I think that I will just copy my NAS Flac files over to it and then connect it locally (USB) to my Roon ROCK. I know that will be less than optimal in keeping my music files up to date but if I make an effort to manually unplug the disc, physically connect it to my LAN, copy my new files to it and then reconnect it to my Roon ROCK. I know that requires a lot of steps and persistence to process but I am at my wit’s end with trying to get Roon to recognize my NAS. Other than that I can always fall back on my Volumio setup (which currently does work in this configuration) although I do like Roon so much better. In any event, thanks for all of your concern and help. Regards - Jeff

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Which syntax have you tried so far? By IP? By DNS? You could also try pointing Roon to the mounted volume instead of IP/DNS.

Thank you for your interest in my problem. I have used the NAS IP address just like I did with Volumio which worked in Volumio but not in Roon. I also tried pointing Roon to the mounted NAS volume but again a no go. Can you give me an example of a preferred NAS IP address with the appropriate \'s and /'s? I have the NAS IP address of my NAS but I also have a directory and a subdirectory for my Flac files at that NAS IP address. Not sure if I am stating my configuration correctly. Any thoughts?
Much appreciated!

You can copy music to the external USB drive attached to the Rock NUC. It is presented as a share.

I am going to close this thread and use Rugby’s solution. Thanks to all for your concern and help!

Rugby - That is exactly what I did and I know that I will have to update the drive manually but it is much better than what I am trying to do now. Thanks for your reply!!!

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