How do I setup a Nucleus+ in my hifisystem

I have my internet connection (router) in my office.
I put The Nucleus+ in my office with an ethernet connection.
My main listening area is my livingroom. There I have a Gato amp and a Brooklyn dac.
How is the best way to connect my hifi system to the Nucleus+?
(What do I need, or how do I do it?)
(ps I don’t have a ethernet connection in my living room! I must use wifi)

Easiest way is probably a chromecast audio using either SPDIF or USB to the Brooklyn, then Brooklyn to the amp. Should be an easy hook up.

My approach, more ambitious than the Chromecast (which I also use), is the Eero WiFi mesh system. I sprinkle Eero boxes around the house, each has a network jack, and I connect network-enabled devices directly. For other devices I use a MicroRendu or something similar, with a network jack on one side and a USB jack on the other.