How do I shuffle Albums


How do I shuffle my albums? (Like I do in LMS?)

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Select Albums view, then either choose Shuffle or select multiple albums you want to shuffle if not all.

How one selects individuals albums differs depending on the platform. On Mac I use right-click to select each.

Does it shuffle Albums for you? I just get shuffled tracks from those albums. The albums are mixed together. Album shuffle should play one album in its correct order and then the next randomly chosen album.

I don’t believe album shuffle is an option yet

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Come on Roon! This is a basic function. Please work on getting this added ASAP.

Make it a feature request… Not sure how many would choose it as it’s so easy to queue a few albums of choice. It’s not something I’ve ever considered doing, but Roon users never fail to surprise me in the ways they choose to enjoy the product…

Migrating from Logitech Media Server, and this has been a core function since the beginning. I don’t know why so many are baffled by this. I don’t know how to start a vote so I guess I will move on from my trial to find a more mature piece of software.

Shuffling albums has been a request since… Oh I don’t know, 2016 or so?
Despite numerous requests, threads, posts etc it’s never garnered any favour from Roon.

Which is a crying shame but I’m resigned to it never happening unfortunately :frowning:

If you search for album shuffle feature I am sure you will come up with at least one that’s already a feature request thread.

Actually I see you already did post in the feature suggestion thread on this subject.
Did you vote?

Wanted to ask all folks who care about this to vote… I think this is an important one personally, and all you have to do is click on this link below and click the little blue “vote” button. There are only 8 votes currently, but if we can get up to a few dozen it might move up the charts…