How do I stream to different endpoints from a Nucleus?

When using roon From a macbook, I can use the Airfoil app to stream to my Naim Uniti Atom.
I can also use the Airfoil app to stream to a chromecast in another room, another Chomecast in another room and also a Bluetooth speaker in another space.

Is it possible to have the same functionality using a Nucleus as the server instead of the Mac?

All at the same time synched or individually?

Why are you using Airfoil to the Atom or Chromecast these are endpoints natively supported in Roon , is this because your streaming non Roon content from another app? If so then the answer is no as the Nucleus runs Roon only.

Hi Ged,

Sorry I should have been clearer, yes I meant the same time synched.

Hi CrystalGipsy,

I want to stream to all my various endpoints at the same time with the same content.
Atom, Chromecasts, and Bluetooth.

It seems that I can only stream to one group at a time from Roon, while Airfoil allows me to stream to anything at the same time.

Can you suggest a similar solution streaming from the Nucleus?

Nucleus is roon only and runs a roon developed cut down Linux so won’t do what you are after.

Your out of luck with a Nucleus as I said it’s Roon only. Are they all in sync when you use airfoil?

When I’m streaming Roon from my mac via Airfoil they’re all in sync

So your streaming the system audio output of the Mac when playing Roon via Airfoil. Hardly bit perfect but if it works.

yes, but I’d prefer to use my Nucleus+ as my core

OK, I’ve found a solution, I include the Atom in a Chromecast group in the Google Home App = success. The only difference is that I don’t get the artwork in the Atom window from Roon.

Yep that works but not for Bluetooth.