How do I switch zones? [Solved]

I instaled roon remote on my android device.
It finds the libary and it connects.
Then i have to set up a audio device.
I have put it on default output.
Now i can use it.
But it doesnt control roon on my desktop but it plays music on my phone.
How do i get it to contole roon core.
Roon core acccepts connection from remote


Hi Moby_One

You can change Zones by clicking on the audio device shown in the footer bar. That should enable you to swap between controlling any Zone connected to the desktop Core as well as your android device.

In Settings/Audio you should see a list of available Zones, which will include your android device as a RAAT network zone and the outputs available to your desktop Core. See this KB page for various topics about configuring Audio.

On your phone, tap the volume icon on the bottom right of the screen. It will bring up the volume slider and just below that, you will see a blue bar with the zone name. Tap the blue bar and it should bring up a list of your available zones.

Now you should be able to select your new zone (endpoint).

Cheers, Greg

@andybob Jinx!

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I understand it now.
Thans for the replys.

Is this new? I see the opposing arrows icon top left with the full screen what’s playing mode.
Anyways it works perfectly. Brilliant.

Hi Chris,

There is a difference.

What you found with the double arrows in the queue is Tranfer Zone. This will “Switch Zone” AND tranfer the current playing track, queue and radio to the new zone.

What was discussed above was just switching to a different zone to control.

For example, let’s say you are currently playing a song on your phone, then you Switch Zones and select another zone to control, music on your phone will continue to play. You will need to switch back to the phone zone to control it again.

Hope that makes sense. I’m currently editing the User Guide about this feature.

Cheers, Greg

Ok, I was just praising the feature.