How do I tell Roon to play only the original songs of an album?

As just one example of, I’m sure, thousands, I’m looking at Tidal’s high-resolution options for the Who album, Who’s Next. I want to play only the original songs. A “Play Original Tracks Only” would be a most useful option in Roon. Avoiding extra tracks is a problem that has worsened, as re-releases tend to include “bonus” tracks.

Hi @Dennis_Hartwick,

It’s manual process, but you could ban the extra tracks … then when you queue the album only the non-banned tracks are added.

I don’t mean to nit pick or criticize but I wish the team would spend more time on value-add features like this request.

This is a great example of what Roon could do with the metadata it has but has yet to leverage in a meaningful way

Another would be a soft fade when skipping to the next track instead of the abrupt cut…let my inner DJ come out and be free

You should forward these ideas to the Feature Request section. They all get read if not acted upon.

@Dennis_Hartwick, thank you for posting this – it’s one of the things I wanted to bring up as well.

I also have a bunch of remasters/reissues where they add a number of extra tracks. The extras are something I might listen to once in a great while, but not regularly.

While it might be nice if Roon did it automatically, I’d rather they implement something were we get control since the chances of Roon getting it right all the time are about 0 (not a criticism of Roon, just the reality of dealing with imperfect metadata).

I was thinking of something along the lines of the “picks” functionality.

I can see also using this functionality if you have one song on an album you just don’t want to hear (like a 20 minute drum solo).

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Hi, did you see my post above!

Do you mean Hide Track? That’s what I do … simply select all the additional tracks, click Edit and under Visibility press Hide Track. These aren’t played. Finally, I make this release primary version.

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Never thought of that, good one. Not that it’s exactly difficult to just go to the next album.

No, to ban a track use the track level heart icon which toggles though normal, favourite, ban options.

If set to ban, the track has to be explicitly selected to play it otherwise it is ignored by Roon.

I have, several times for a couple different ideas over the past couple years

Completely forgot about this feature. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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Just two years? Just several times? How impatient of you. :slight_smile:

[Tongue firmly in cheek.]

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@Carl, yes I did. That’s better than nothing. But if I do want to play the entire album including the extras, then I either have to un-ban them or queue 'em up one at a time.

The “pick” functionality is nicer because there’s separate buttons for play album or play picks. More polished.

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@Ken_Lesniak, “picks” does sound like a good solution. And, I too was thinking that having it done automatically might be too much for Roon to pull off. Ban is a pain when it comes time to listen to banned tracks, with having to select each track in order to hear it.

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I don’t think Roon should intervene at all. What we have in our collections are different releases (Versions) of the same album. Reissues, remasters, deluxe versions and so on. They are what they are.

If we want the original release we should acquire it or use the options already available to us to emulate a particular release.

Moreover, how would you or Roon define the ‘original’ release? These often vary across regions.

@Martin_Webster, that’s fair.

I could definitely make a copy of the “original” songs and emulate a particular earlier release. But it’s more bloat, more work, and there’s probably many Roon users that don’t have the knowledge to do so.

So maybe Roon doesn’t automate any of it. But if they added a “User Picks” feature, that works just like the builtin “Picks” feature, but where I’m in total control of deciding what and even if I want to use it on, then I think you get some nice added value without causing anyone trouble.

Picks can be edited, see this KB article

I created an “Album Play Only” tag. I exclude that tag from my Focus searches and from my Bookmarks when I’m doing shuffle play.

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