How do I Transfer files from thumbnail to internal drive?

Thank you for this info.

Lots of questions today Richard… did you check out the Knowledge Base yet?

Yes, didn’t find answer. Interface not helpful.
Not very intuitive. How can I do this?

You’ll need to copy from a mac/pc (with usb drive attached) to the nucleus/rock smb share:

I have one album on thumbnail drive now attached to nucleus. I am trying to move it to internal drive.

How do I do this?

As described above. If you just want to play it, add the usb drive as a watched drive, otherwise smb copy from a mac/pc as above.

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I did not fully understand your reply.

I don’t have a Mac and it was not possible to connect via network to desktop. I must be too stupid.

Is it possible to transfer an album from a thumbnail, or do I need to buy music again to get it on internal drive.

What does smd stand for??

SMB Samba for short is a file transfer protocol

Google is your friend :crazy_face:

How do I transfer music files from a usb thumbnail drive to a newly installed internal drive on a nucleus?

Again, is it possible to do this? Don’t have a Mac and my desktop can’t connect to the nucleus as nucleus fails to recognize it.

Please give details of your desktop, spec, OS etc there should be no reason you can’t copy to the Nucleus . The forum tends to work better on facts …

Still haven’t found out if this is possible. My nucleus will not connect with my win desktop and guidance is extremely complex to figure out when problems arise. So I have been playing files off a connected thumbnail drive. Just installed an internal drive and want to put the music files on the internal. Hope this is clear.

Is it possible to transfers music files directly from a usb thumbnail drive to nucleus?

How can I get an answer to question.

My system is a win10 desktop connected to a router. But is not pertinent to my question.


No, you would need an intermediate PC or Mac. Not the way to do a transfer as that would entail a lot of network traffic.

Nucleus exposes its internal drive as a Share. Map that Share to a drive letter in WIN10 and transfer from there.

See this.