How do I transfer my membership to a different PC

Hi, I have ROON installed on one PC in house attached to external hard drive that has music library. It says license is only for on PC, how do i transfer my membership to a different pc and library in house? Thanks

There’s lots of thoughts throughout this forum. For a basic intro start here.

Some of my thoughts are:

Connect everything with Ethernet cable and use wifi as little as possible.

Run Roon on a dedicated PC, Mac or nuc or a sonictranspoter and set up a watched folder in Roon to point to your NAS. A lot of people try to run Roon on their NAS, this can be done but you need a very powerful NAS and a separate PC seems to be better unless your NAS has at least an Intel i3 processor.

Use an iPad for control purposes for the best experience. However many other tablets work fine too. Make sure it is a more recent iPad model as some of the older ones do not run Roon.

I have not used an Auralic Aries but I think that should work fine. If it is connected to the same to network as Roon Roon should find it and play to it with no issues and that can play to your Devialet. That will probably work better than hooking up a computer directly to the Devisley and means you can keep computers away from the rest of the equipment.

Welcome to Roon. Hope this helps get you on your way.