How do I turn on Gapless Playback on QNAP HS251 Roon Server?

Hi guys,

I just downloaded Roon Server to my Qnap HS251, it works, I can use Iphone as a remote.
But Tidal does not let me play songs gapless.

When I used my pc as a roon core, it ran gapless but I can not do it if the core is Roon Server on Qnap.

Take a look into the perfomance monitor from the QNAP.
The HS-251 has only 1GB RAM and an older Celeron CPU.
Especially this is not enough RAM for the Roon Core (Roon will buffer while streaming) also without using any DSP.


Hi @Cem_Alpay,

I’m sorry you’ve had issues. In looking things over I’m forced to agree with @Burkhardt_Petermann. There’s not nearly enough RAM on the QNAP to facilitate Roon’s needs. The Celeron processor might even be a bit dated for Roon’s needs so if you upgrade the memory, make sure you can return it if it doesn’t seem to help.


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