How do i unmerge albums

I imported three albums by Francesco Cafiso from Tidal and added to my library: Contemplation, La Banda and 20 cents per note. These are really part of a triple album, so I merged them. But they end up being unidentified. So I would like to unmerge them again, so that Tidal’s own identification applies.

But how do I do that? I remember seeing an unmerge function somewhere, but I can’t find it. There is a way in settings to unmerge artists, but I can’t find it for albums.

What you’re looking for is Fix Track Grouping function.

Cheers, Greg

Aha. Works great, thanks.

Although this illustrates the discoverability challenges of a minimal, non-redundant user interface: many of those powerful buttons show up only after you have selected some tracks or albums. Very neat and clean, but not easily discoverable. And I’m a guy, don’t read documentation or ask for directions. Hmm, @Danny

but you do :slight_smile:

its a feature we dont want people using unless they are committed to tweaking…

Good point.

By comparison, it is said that when Toyota first started making hybrid cars, they didn’t have enough manufacturing capacity, they wanted feedback from really dedicated customers but nobody else, so they made the first Prius clock-stoppingly ugly.

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I have tried to merge a couple of albums and its gone wrong. How can I simply reverse the change? Doesnt seem possible

I moved your post to this topic. Check above.

Cheers, Greg

i saw this thread when i started mine. it does not answer the question. Where is the “reverse” button?

There isn’t an unmerge button. You have two choices:

  1. Remove the 2 albums from your Watched Folder and then go into Roon Settings > Library > Clean Up Library. Then move the albums back into your Watched Folder.

  2. Use Fix Track Grouping from the link above. Then follow the instructions for Spilt multi-disc sets into individual albums.

Cheers, Greg