How do I update the Roon software [Answered - Settings > About]

I have the Roon App installed on my Apple Ipad.
How do I know when there is a new software update for my Ipad?

How do I install this software update on my Ipad?

I also have an Intel NUC running ROCK?

How do I know where there is a new software update for it?

How do I install this software update on my NUC?

Ipad update from the app store like any other software. Once you’ve done that the core should inform you it needs updating and offer to do so.

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In Roon, under Settings->About: you will see if your core will have the latest version installed. If not, follow the instructions there.
An iPad app usually follows an update for your core. The build number for the app and the core should be the same. You can also see this on Settings->About.
If the iPad app has a lower build number, you will have to update the app. Usually, this will happen automatically. But you can help this procedure a little by opening the app store on your iPad, search for the app Roon, and then usually it will give you the option to update it.

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Hi @TKelley

You can check for updates by going to Settings > About. For iOS, you can check the App Store. You can read more about updating Roon in our KB: