How do I use Tidal on my Roon?

I am subscribed to Tidal and can use it on their website or app, but, on Roon cant seem to be able to search for new music or even listen to the suggested ones that show automatically. How do I use it?

Go to settings -> services and add your Tidal login there.

Thanks for your response…

I have my Roon logged into Tidal, that is the problem, that I cant seem to make it work even then …

let say I want to listen to a song I dont have on my local library, but, its available on Tidal. How do I search and listen to it?

The magnifying glass icon to the top right lets you search for artists, albums or tracks. The results will show local and Tidal sections.

Similarly when you click on an artist blue link in any text it will bring up the albums etc. of that artist, divided into local and Tidal sections.

Thats the thing… I search with the glass, and even though I am logged with Tidal in Roon it does not seem to be working on Tidal, its only showing Roon results. Also, if I go to Tidal online, searsh and put a song on favorites, that song does not show on Roon as favorite.

Hey @Jorge_L_Cintro,

Did you recently change TIDAL subscription type ( e.g. from Premium to HiFi or vice versa) ?
Can you try to re-login TIDAL account in Roon ?


No changes to my account. I have relogged into my Tidal on the web and on Roon, to No AVAIL.

Hey @Jorge_L_Cintron,

Would you mind to share your Roon logs with us ? I’ll PM you shortly with more details.


Any luck with this?

I posted a thread on this last week, but still no news… any help on this?

Let’s drop a flag for @vova and see if he can tell anything from your logs.


A few weeks back I posted for the second time that I can not use Tidal on Roon.

I can login, but no information is syncronized with my account, and no music selected is plyable.

I was requested to send in the log and system info, which I did.

Still no word on a fix. Kindly let mw know if there is or will be a fix to this.

Hi Jorge,
I’ve merged you new post back into this existing topic to keep all the history together.

I’m not sure why @vova has not got back to you … I’ll leave a flag for @Mike or @Danny to pick this up with you.

Hi @Jorge_L_Cintron – sorry for the delay here. It looks like there may be an issue related to the region your TIDAL account is tied to, and we are in the process of confirming the issue and getting this resolved.

In the meantime, @kevin and I are going to follow up via PM, so we can get a little more information and see if we can provide you a way to get up and running while we look into this.

Sorry again for the trouble!