How Do We Insert Network Filepaths and URLs into this Discourse Forum now?

There seems to have been a change in the Discourse software used in the Forum recently?

I used to be able to type three backslashes in order to get two displayed (the opening part of a Network filepath). The first backslash was an escape character in Markdown, that then allowed the following two to be displayed.

Now, however…
Three: \
is the same as two \

When I type three, I see two momentarily appear, but then one of them disappears…

I suppose the workaround is to from now on to use the program code bracketing?


There seems to be a difference too in how URLs get pasted in - now I always have to trim the pasted code to get a proper display of the link?

Hmm, I type three \'s and I get

Two produces

Hmm, I’ll bet this is something connected with the fact I’m using Microsoft’s Edge (the Chrome version). What browser do you use?

Chrome 88 on android.
Let me try another one…


That’s with the bundled Samsung browser. (Still android)

\\ Safari on iPadOS

Sigh, looks like Microsoft is up to its usual tricks pushing out an update that changes behaviour… Reminds me of another company as well :smile:

Well, just input four backslashes, then…

By the way, I just updated Edge, and it did work as expected on the last version.
Now, I’ve got

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Which is actually in accordance with Linux shells. The escape character affects the following character only.

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From what I can see in the Markup syntax, 4 backslashes should be the rule. Using 3 is odd.

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Perhaps the update to Edge made stricter syntax checking, so that the three backslash trick is actually an anomaly?

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Thanks for the heads-up… 4 backslashes it shall be from now on…