How Do We Report Incorrect Links in Album Descriptions?

How do we report incorrect data/links in album and artist bios? For example, the description for Stevie Wonder’s Talking Book mentions Jeff Beck (and links to his bio) and then later refers to him as just Beck; however, the second reference links to the artist Beck (Hanson) instead of Jeff Beck.

I wasn’t sure how to report this error so I’m posting it here. I’ve noticed other such errors as well in the past.


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Hi @J_B,

You can report those in the #support:metadata-issues section. Please provide some screenshots of what you’re seeing and we can take a look!

I’ve moved this post there now :grinning:

Thanks, here you go:

BTW, I’ve noticed some errors on your website as well but there are no links on the site to report errors on the page (like many sites have).

Also, any plans to go responsive on the site? Most of my web browsing these days in on my phone and your website is very difficult to read because it’s not responsive…

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