How do you decline a build upgrade?[Answered]

Getting a bit nervous as I see 2 posts already relating to a new build.

What do I select in order for Roon not to update to this build until there are a few more satisfied adopters about?


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I would also like to know how to temporarily decline an upgrade. When I go to Settings/About any upgrade starts loading without giving me a chance to decline it.

Prior to a new release, you can to go into settings/about, click on the gear and select “Ask before downloading any upgrades”. Not sure there is a way to stop the upgrade process once the download has started though.

If it helps a little bit: one of those posts came from me, and my issue is resolved. I’ve been playing around with the release all day, and it is as good (and better) as the previous one.

@Rugby got it right.

Once it’s started downloading, you can’t stop it. His instructions on how to make it optional are correct.

What does one do for the iOS apps, there does not seem to be any option?

I know they sometimes shadow the main releases by a week or so anyway but if I have the core set to “tell me about download” what will the iOS app do ?


On iOS, you can choose whether app updates are installed automatically or manually (Settings > iTunes and App Stores). In the latter case, the App Store shows the available updates, you can them install manually on a per app basis.