How do you index artists and albums

It must be there somewhere but I can’t figure out how to index either the artists or the albums. I have 3,000 albums loaded and I will be loading more. I end up scrolling through them to find what I want. I typed in a “letter” like “t” but that doesn’t work.

I’ll be interested in knowing the answer. I find iTunes much easier when it comes to finding albums. Of course once an album is found in Roon there’s much more information, but I feel I must be missing something when it comes to filtering albums/artists/composers etc. in a search.

Two choices {there are more, but the best two are]

  1. When in the Album Browser [screen with Album covers in Rows and Columns], just type the first few letters of the Artist you want…and Roon will take you the beginning of the that Artist’s list [e.g. type Miles and Roon will advance screen to Miles Davis albums etc.]

  2. Hit Backslash / key…which takes you to Focus…and just type in the Artist Name or ALBUM Name…and Roon will filter the ALbums down to meet your typed Criteria

You can also use the Search icon in the top right hand corner of the screen…but I think the above two options are quicker


When I am in Album view - Sorted by Album Title - I type a letter or combination of letters and it takes me right to those albums.

For example if I type “De” it take me to:

De Falla The Three Corned Hat, Dead Pony & miss Friday, Dear Science, etc…

If I for to Artists view - Sorted by Name if I type “G” I go straight to Gang of Four, Garbage, Gary Moore, etc…

Odd that does not work for you.

The typing a letter doesn’t work when you are sorted by date. The app will warn you about this if you do try enter a letter.