How do you integrate Tidal with your collection?

I suppose my question is when you can have practically everything what do you choose?
This morning I was listening to a Fela Kuti album that I had bought second hand that really impressed me. So I head to tied up and see three pages of albums. So do I be greedy and add them all or do I treat it like an Amazon page where I am purchasing and pick two or 3 to add to my collection ?
Do you feel that you own an album if it is in your collection from tidal or is it in the back of your mind that you will buy it on CD?
Do you find you add albums I will need to delete them later or do you never prune your TIDAL collection ?


What I do (and which is brilliant with Roon) is to be rather picky with what I put in my collection. I try to limit that to albums I have listened to a lot and love. Then I have created a #listenlater tag for myself so all albums I want to check out I tag with this. Over time some of these albums make it to my collection or disappear from my list.

I’m thinking of the #listenlater albums as the pile of albums I used to put on the counter in the record store to check out. The collection is only the stuff I really commit to and want to keep in my life.

Additionally I have created a playlist called “Treasures and guilty pleasures” where I keep all tracks that has been in my life as my own soundtrack. Some of them are my eternal favorites and some of them are cringeworthy elements that still somehow sums up what happened to this guy.


I tend to add something if I like it at all and then delete it later if I find it palls. I wish the Radio function played Tidal albums more frequently. That would make including an album in the library more meaningful.

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I’m sure I have no idea what you are talking about … :innocent:


How do you delete a “tidal” album from my collection list. When I search my collection, I want to be able to delete the tidal albums that get added there.

NM, I found the :“edit” button which comes up with right click.

Click the little pencil icon on the right hand side of the album view, this opens 3 settings tabs. At the bottom of album settings there is the option to delete album.


Great idea…I have a lot of guilty pleasures.

So now I’m looking at the 2 roads diverging in the narrow wood and wondering which I’ll choose.

I find when I purchase a new CD, it gets several listens, goes into a recent pile, and then might get some more listens before it’s filed away. Then it’s very much in the lap of the Gods as to whether it gets another listen. I think I’m beginning to come around to thinking that Tidal can do this for me. But rather strangely I don’t know if I’m happy with myself for kind of coming to this conclusion. Have any of the existentialists amongst you grappled with this also?


Pål, sounds like you tag albums #listenlater in Tidal before you decide to add it to your library? But Roon doesn’t allow tagging Tidal albums that are not in the library, right? Do I misunderstand?

Because what I do is add plausible candidates to the library, tag them, listen later, and then delete the ones I don’t want.

If it’s something I like then I add all relevant albums so that they appear for “general use” within Roon, in similar artists, collaborations, on the album list down the side, and so on. I can’t see the point in not adding them, if it’s something you like. It makes the musical journeys more involved and increases possibilities.

The more the merrier, I say :slight_smile:

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