How do you reboot Nucleus + just turn power switch on and off?

Hi sorry if this has been covered. I searched and couldn’t find it. Sometimes it seems if there is something weird going on in Roon or searches are taking an long time etc a reboot seems to solve the problem. What is the best way to do it. I have been turning the switch off and back on on the back of the nucleus but wondering if there is a way to do it right in the software.


Just type the IP address and reboot via the webinterface. Done.


You may find that most of the time, just restarting Roon Server via the web interface is all that is required to restore things. Until recently when I had to power it down to move it, my ROCK OS on NUC had been up for over 250 days, but in that time I had to manually restart Roon Server only once (to cure a never ending spinning blue circle).

EDIT: Just reread your post. I don’t have a Nucleus, but if you are just ‘switching it off’ with a physical switch you stand a chance of corrupting the database. Both ROCK and Nucleus are designed as ‘appliances’ so if they keep drawing attention to themselves, something is wrong somewhere.

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You may want to consider rebooting your entire system, network included

Shut everything down
Pull Plugs OUT (some stuff is in constant stand by and never really restarts)
Brew Tea (let stuff discharge)
Comeback and reconnect in order. Modem> Router> Nucleus > DAC etc
Let every stage fire up and become stable before moving on

I live in a high lightening area and shut down regularly (in summer) to avoid frying electronics

This is how I start up and I rarely have problems, those I do are self inflicted by being to hasty and not stabilizing the previous step first

Just a thought cant do any harm :smiling_imp: