How do you top rate or save a song

This is nuts. I can’t find anyway to click the heart icon for a song sometimes. It’s there sometimes and other times it’s not. I want to be able to add any song that is playing into my saved songs. I see the thumbs up sometimes and other times not and sometimes there is a heart icon available. If I search for an artist play a song and navigate around, nothing I am finding is giving me a way to heart of thumbs up a particular song. I can add to a playlist but I just want to add say to my top songs.

Hmm. From memory at the moment, but, I think you have to have the tracks in your library to heart them.

Yes, if it’s in your library you can Heart it. I do this all the time. Then in tracks you can swim through them.

As Chris said, if it’s in your Library you can ‘heart’ it. If you are just playing it from Tidal the heart won’t show up. Once you add the Tidal album to your library you can heart it.
If you like an album enough to heart it, you will probably want to add it to your Library.

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IT’s pretty clunky you can’t just add to library and then heart it. The option doesn’t just show right up once you add to library. You have to get out the album and then go back to it or something like that, it’s not just there as an option right when you add it. Doesn’t make much sense to me.

I just brought up an album not in my library. I clicked on the ADD to Library button, and it immediately went to “Focus on similar” and a heart appeared at the album level and every track level. No need to go out of the album and then back into the album.

I am doing this on a Windows computer, what are you using? computer, phone, tablet and which OS?

I was on the phone app. Weird now it’s working shows right up with heart next to each song as soon as I hit add to library. Definitely wasn’t doing that last night

Have no idea why, I’ve never had it not work that way. I’m glad it is working (again?) for you. If it stops again, then posting a thread in the Support section would be a good idea.