How does it work between ARC and Mu-So?

How does it work (ARC and Mu-So)?

ARC is accessible on my phone and it works great on headphones, either in France where I live or in the hotel in Germany where I recently traveled. Great!

I also installed it on an iPad, I have access to all my music description on the screen, but no sound comes out while this iPad is connected in Airplay to a Mu-So 1st generation. Shall I use a specific cable to connect the iPad to the Mu-So, or use an other way to connect : settings in the iPad, or… ?


Have you tried pairing the Mu-So with the iPad using Bluetooth? If you do that, ARC should stream directly to the Mu-So (this method works with my Bluesound Node.)

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Thanks Martin. The iPad is paired with the Mu-so but it doesn’t connect via Bluetooth. Bluetooth on iPad identifies the Mu-So, I ask to connect, but it is not stable and the link is quickly cut.
Maybe it is because the iPad is already connected via Airplay or Wifi to streams radios. A kind of conflict ?

Bluetooth should be stable, but try turning off (closing other apps using Airplay etc.) I don’t have the Mu-So, but can stream ARC to a Node via Bluetooth.

If you have the Mu-So V2, there’s Chromecast, which Roon supports.

Thanks. The Mu-So is first generation. I will try again, but, really, it is not so important to me. I like to discover new musics through the radios and use Roon when I want to do my own choices.
Have a nice day. :slight_smile:

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