How does my play history sync between 2 cores?

Is it possible to sync my play history between two separate cores?
Whereas what I listen to at work can be listened to at home after initializing the home core? Since I am allowed 2 cores, can I expect or program my home core to mirror my work core?

You’re allowed as many cores as you want, but they don’t sync. You would have to do a backup of one and restore to the other. You can only activate one at a time.

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I would guess (?) the history is stored locally , perhaps someone from Roon can comment

If this is the case the 2 cores would store to 2 Local stores . TBC

Histories. There can be many histories. For example, two different user profiles will have different histories. Endpoints have different histories (queues).
The core database(s) keep track of all of this, which is local. It isn’t updated dynamically across new cores. That can be done by backup/restores.
Unless one is totally anal about doing the backup/restores, there will be some gaps. It isn’t the end of the world, but its a consequence of running Roon this way.

To keep them in total sync, you would have to always do a backup of the current “active” core when you finish using it, then restore to the other core when you make it active. Seems like a real pain unless you are moving back and forth to a vacation home, for instance, a few times per year.

I was going to try and keep my Dell laptop core in sync with my Nucleus but the first time I did a restore I had some problems and decided it was a PIA, not worth doing.

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