How does one focus on incomplete albums?

I’m finding that I have a bunch of incomplete albums, but I would like to focus on all. This way I can export a list and re-rip or find missing or rogue tracks.

Bonus: use my Tidal subscription to use previously matched albums with missing songs/tracks from Tidal. I.E. Use Tidal to complete my album.


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And if incomplete how do I use Tidal to fill in the gaps or at least print out a list so I can start buying new CDs.


We’re working on adding “Non contiguous tracks” as a Focus option, so you’ll be able to see any albums missing tracks in the middle. Very hard to do this in a sensible way for tracks at the end, due to variations around bonus tracks.

We’re working on some very cool functionality for both of these. It’s still being designed, so stand by @o0OBillO0o!

Mike I understand. Is there a way to identify a song and associated it with Roon Identified album?

Next, if not all songs on the Roon Identified Album, then suggest to fill in the rest using Tidal? or Suggest to make a list of albums that Roon may identify as potentially incomplete?



You should be able to use the Identify feature to try and match up even a single track with the original album. It may take some searching, but I just matched up a loose track with the album it came from, so I think you should be good here.

We are planning a number of deeper features for our TIDAL integration, this included. No timeline quite yet, but we’ll let everyone know more when we have a clearer sense.

I think the non-contiguous album focus I mentioned above should help here. I couldn’t believe how many albums in my library were missing songs :sob: Look for that next week!

Thanks @o0OBillO0o!

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The gotcha here is if I get the right release (CD, Digital Download, Cassette, Vinyl, etc)and the double gotcha if I have an ID’d a release with a set of tracks for two different releases (where I have two versions of Pearl Jam’s Ten - one origianl CD and one remixed by Brendan O’Brien and the tracks are intermingled :disappointed: ).

I’ll be watching!

Thanks @mike

Just to follow up, the non contiguous focus is awesome! Good work all around!