How does one get started with DSP?

When I search the forum for DSP I don’t find any link to an article explaining the basics of how to begin to use DSP inside Roon. Is there such a link? If not, why not?

I googled roon dsp. First hit.

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Thanks! Do you mean you searched in Google, not on the Roon forum? I don’t understand why a search of the forum wouldn’t bering up the same link. But I’m very glad you pointed me to it.

You have to go the main Roon website and not the forum and search for DSP, it comes up with the following links for DSP:

If that KB was integrated into the forum, it would stop a lot of “obvious” equations being asked.

It’s integrated into roon itself

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And questions too.


Yep, them too. :rofl:


Thank you. I had no idea the two sites were separate, not integrated.

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