How does one search?

Sometimes the search window works, sometimes not. Is there a certain way to search for a station?


I find the search always works as long as the term is specific enough. Bear in mind that the search results are limited to something like 50 items and will be covering albums, artists, etc as well. Also, a station like Classic fm gets lost in the myriad stations that have classic in their description.

If you know the location, or genre, then filtering in the radio browser may work better for some. Once found, save in my radio.

Do you have any particular examples in mind?

I’ve tried to look up a few of the requested stations from this forum, like (with and without the .fm), and Radio Skipper, just to see what people wanted. But neither of those, among many others, bring up any results.


Hmm. I get

Do you still not see, or see something different?

I found it. I had to divide the words, not keep them together as first listed. I’ve got the method now - thanks.

I’m afraid Roon search is not quite as flexible as Google’s. Maybe next release…

Anyway, pleased you’ve got it sorted.