How does Roon "choose" featured artist and featured composer?

How does Roon “choose” its featured artist and featured composer? How often do these change?

Completely random?

Only a dev will be able to tell us this and they are all completely focussed on getting 1.2 out the door at the moment. After 1.2 is released we can flag someone down and find out.

Sounds like 1.2 is going to have some major improvements on an already great product.

It’s bigger than 1.1, arguably with deeper changes (1.1 had a rewritten database, 1.2 has a rewritten audio system) and it’s looking like it will take about 2/3 of the time in testing that 1.1 took. They’re getting better at this …

Any chance a developer might give us a quick answer now that Roon 1.2 is out?

Let’s drop a flag for @mike or @danny, they may have had a chance to draw breath now :relaxed:

We have some plans to make this more sophisticated in the future, and add a lot more content to the Discover page.

For the moment, it’s mostly looking for artists and composers that have photos and biographies, and are well represented in your library. I believe it’s also weighted towards those that you’ve played or added recently.

If you have ideas for how we can find more interesting connections and content in your library, let us know.