How does the recognition of classical works work...?


I am struggling to understand how Roon “recognizes” works from tags. I have around 7500 albums (all classical), where about a fourth of them is unidentified by Roon. However, for the unidentified albums, Roon presents the album mostly correctly grouped into works.
I use the COMPOSER tag and the CONTENTGROUP tag for my classical works. In addition the TITLE tag is set up as [Work] - [Movement]. I am wondering how the algorithm of work detection really works, because I have also some weird results. For all of my unidentified albums containing Beethovens Pastoral Symphony (19 albums), Roon always displays the fifth movement as a separate work, and I wonder why…

All tags across the albums are consistent in terms of COMPOSER, CONTENTGROUP and TITLE. What am I missing here?

I addition to that: is there a way to prevent Roon from identifying an album? Because if I would understand the logic how Roon groups tracks into works I would rather prefer the system to do that based on my tags because of the language I use and also because the metadata provided by Roon very often also fails to group the works correctly…

Thanks fo any suggestions how to solve this. At the moment I don’t use Roon mainly because of these inconsistencies - I have recognized works in identified albums in english (which are often wrongly grouped) and I have recognized works in german in unidentified albums which are also often wrongly grouped… So I can never get a proper display of my albums for a given work.


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